A "let's get serious" call-to-action for American Education leadership and government to take a more proactive role in providing a vision and processes for U.S. technology leadership
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#TakeAISeriously Is A national Call To action for america to build  A Technology Vision of the future. Our Nation Needs Bold, New Creative & Forward Thinking partners from Industry, Academia and Government Organizations to help Generate and Move Solutions Now that can scale across Sectors nationwide. 


With the 2018 arrival of the Chinese 2025 vision to lead global tech and A.I., how do American educators prepare our American students for the future? Our U.S. capitalist laissez-fair market economy isn't providing the national tech leadership and vision we need in light of new developments in the international economy. This talk will assess critical insights supporting:

  • why America, like China, needs to have our government step-in and provide a strategic national technology vision, with goals backed by standardized core STEM technology requirements

  • Beyond Educational steps, our government needs to set a stronger tone, vision and mindset on the importance of technology Education for students, government officials

  • Advocate for the invasive Upgrading of U.S. infrastructure to include 5G and Artificial intelligence


  • learn critical insights that America relinquishing global technology leadership to China could have consequences for global democracy

  • learn that like China, U.S. gov & edu leaders need to take a larger leadership role in providing America a technology vision for the future

  • take home a call-to-action to #TakeAISeriously and to create national STEM focused education steps tied to US technology leadership goals